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Green Team

Green Team in ActionGreen Team is comprised of 20-24 eager 4th graders who have been selected from completed applications and essays to help with recycling efforts, waste reduction, planting native plants that can thrive on our school grounds and entice birds and other pollinators to thrive here, and encouraging others to participate in these practices.
2017-2018 Green Team Advisors are Dan Johnson and Jo Blasi, Green Team volunteer is Terry Ahlgrim.

Our major goals as a Green Team this year are:

  1. To increase the level of recycling and waste reduction at the school to the point that we can move up from an “Entry Level” Green Team to the “Merit Level” Green Team as established by the Clackamas County program. Amongst other requirements, moving up requires us to share “green” information the group has learned with others and other schools.(Link – to poster, or attachment)
  2. To qualify our habitat project for the National Wildlife Federation’s Certification as a bona fide Natural Habitat. (Link to the National Wildlife Federation checklist, and link to the “Native Plants of the Willamette Valley” brochure provided by Metro.)
  3. To continue our partnerships with Laurel Bates of Clackamas County, and the Master Gardeners of Clackamas County. 
  4. To spread the word about what we have learned so that other members of the McLoughlin Community and beyond can use what we have learned.

2018 Waste Audit: Mr. Johnson and Mr. Reeves saved all the classroom trash from Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  Along with Laurel Bates, the Green Team members separated all the trash into different categories.  Then we weighed the different trash to find out how much of our school’s trash could actually be recycled. In 2014, the Green Team did this same data collection.  We can see if the McLoughlin students are getting better at recycling by comparing 2014 and 2018 audit details. 


2014 / 2018 

Non-recyclable paper 28% / 22%

Non-recycleable plastic 8% / 18%

Wrappers 7% / 0%

Paper recycling 9% / 16%

Plastic recycling (bottles) 2% / 2%

Metal reycling 1% / 0%

Reuse 5% / 5% 

Food 29% / 27%

Liquid 5% / 10%